Mouse Fighter : Use Your Keyboard As Your Mouse

Last night my mouse stopped working without giving any explanation. It was late at night so I could not go out and buy a new mouse. I tried to work with the keyboard shortcuts but, being used to using my mouse, it was a frustrating experience. It was then I found out about Mouse Fighter. It is a free application that allows you to use your keyboard to control your mouse cursor. This is a very useful program if you are stuck with a faulty or dead mouse.

Mouse Fighter claims to build a bridge to a mouseless future, when there would no longer be any mouse. In that mouseless world, you would entirely depend on your keyboard to control the ‘then’ legacy mouse cursor using applications. But nobody knows when that future comes to be a reality, so for now we can make use of the Mouse Fighter in emergency situations of a broken mouse.

You can download Mouse Fighter from its website. The downloaded file is an MSI installer package of around 2 megabytes in size. It is is designed using Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework, so you must have Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed on your system before you can run it. It is already installed in Windows 7 and Vista. For Windows XP, you can download and install .NET 2.0 SP1 redistributable from

When Mouse Fighter runs for the first time, it shows you a keyboard picture pointing out which keys are used to control Mouse Fighter. By default, the Caps Lock is used to activate or deactivate the Mouse Fighter, A and S keys for left-click and right-click respectively and obviously you can use the arrow keys for moving the cursor around on your screen.

Mouse Fighter : Use Your Keyboard As Your Mouse

In the Mouse Fighter application window, you can customize the key assignments. Under the Start tab, you can define which key should be used for activating Mouse Fighter. Under the Keys tab, you can assign keys for left-click, right-click and mouse movements. You can set acceleration options under the Settings section. Finally, in the Advanced section, you can set keys for special actions like cycling through open windows, automatically switching etc.

Mouse Fighter : Use Your Keyboard As Your Mouse

Everytine you run Mouse Fighter, it opens an Internet Explorer browser window pointing to its own website address. This can be annoying to most of the people. There also appears to be a glitch in the program because it seems to send unwanted keystrokes to text editor applications like Notepad. But in any case, this is a very useful program for those situations when your mouse stops working.

You can download Mouse Fighter from :