How to Begin Using Your Real Name on Youtube

Google invented Google+ so many years later after its other already popular services like Gmail and Youtube. Now Google is trying to integrate Google+ back to these services. In this series, now Google is allowing you to use your Google+ picture and name on your Youtube account. This way you can post comments with your real name and picture beside it. Any videos you upload would also carry your real name as displayed on your Google+ profile. You can follow these simple guidelines to begin using your real name on Youtube:

  1. First of all, you must have a Google+ profile as your real name and picture is taken from there. So if you have not created a Google+ profile yet, then you should create one now by visiting
  2. Visit Advanced Section in your Youtube account settings. Click on the Begin using my full name on YouTube link as shown:

    Begin Using Your Real Name on Youtube

  3. A wizard would appear showing you step-by-step instructions on the process. In the first step, it will show you how you appear now on youtube and how you would appear after the switch. It shows your user picture and username before and after. If you think its okay, then click on the Next button.

    Begin Using Your Real Name on Youtube

  4. The second step allows you to review the content by clicking on the Review my content. You can delete the comments, subscriptions or likes that you do not want to be associated with your real name. You can make private the uploaded videos or playlists that you do not want anyone to know that it was uploaded by you. Any comments that you do not delete and any videos that you do not make private shall show your real name and picture underneath them.

    Begin Using Your Real Name on Youtube

  5. Finally, when you are done reviewing your youtube content, click on the Update my name button. You are now using the same name on YouTube as on your Google+ profile.

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