How to Download All Instragram Pictures of Any User

Instagram is a free photo sharing program with a little bit of social networking integrated into it. It is made popular by Apple iPhone mobile phones. Lately many celebrities like Lady Gaga have also started using Instagram extensively. With a flood of high quality pictures from your friends, family members and celebrities, you sometimes wonder what if I could download all of them on my hard disk. Well, you can do so one by one and waste hours of your otherwise usefully spent time. Instead, you can use the Free Instagram Downloader to download all or selected pictures of any Instagram user.

You can download Free Instagram Downloader from the iweSoft website. After the installation, you can launch it from its Start Menu shortcut. The program works in a very simple manner. You can click on the Input User Name button in the toolbar and add the Instagram username of a user, pictures of whom you want to download.

How to Download All Instragram Pictures of Any User

After you click the OK button, Free Instagram Downloader would check if the user name is valid and if its valid, then it would fetch a list of recent instagram uploads from that user. The list of the instagram pictures for that user also show their thumbnails. Next to each picture is shown a Download link and a Open link using which you can download the picture and open it in your default browser respectively.

How to Download All Instragram Pictures of Any User

You can also use the Download All or Download All Selected buttons in the toolbar to download all the selected pictures from the list. By default, all the pictures are selected to be downloaded but you can check or un-check the checkbox in front of a picture in the list to indicate if you wish to download or not.

If for some reason you want to download a list of the URLs of all the pictures, then you can use the Export the List at the top-right corner. There is also a Touch Mode feature in the File menu, which can make your experience better if you are using a touchscreen ready desktop computer or a Windows 7 tablet.

You can download Free Instagram Downloader from

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