AnVir Task Manager : Control Processes Running in Windows

Windows comes with various applications like Task Manager, MSConfig and others which let you controls processes, startup applications and services. But you have to run so many tools to finish such simple tasks. Instead you can use the AnVir Task Manager, which incorporates a startup manager, a process manager, a services controller and more – all in one application. This way you do not have to jump from one program to another, but you can control all the running applications and services from a single place.

You can download and install AnVir from its website. There are two editions – free and pro. The free edition is around 5.8 megabytes in size and comes as an installer package. During the installation it tries to install multiple software and toolbars that are not necessary for AnVir Task Manager to work, so you have to be really careful during the installation and decline to install anything you do not want to. After the installation, you can start AnVir Task Manager from its desktop shortcut.

AnVir Task Manager

AnVir Task Manager has multiple tabs – each tab showing a different application like Startup, Applications, Processes, Services etc. In the Startup tab you can see various applications being started automatically with Windows. In the Processes tab, you can see applications running currently on your system. The Processes tab shows a list of the processes in Windows. Similarly, the Services tab displays the currently being run services.

You can hover your mouse cursor over a process or double-click on it to see detailed information about that running application or process. In the detailed information, you can see various modules, DLLs loaded by a processes, network connections made by it and the CPU power consumed by it. It also shows the visible and invisible windows linked to that process. You can also see how many device drivers are being used by the process in question.

AnVir Task Manager

You can also right-click on an item in the list of processes or application and select to scan that item on VirusTotal or Google about it. This way you can find information about a suspicious process. Other than this, you can change the startup type of services or disable them; change the priority of applications/processes or kill them and more.

You can download AnVir Task Manager Free from