Blocking an Annoying Person on Facebook

Everybody has a facebook page these days to share messages, pictures and videos with friends and family. But facebook like every other place is full of annoying people who take pleasure in giving you trouble of all sorts. The best way to deal with these annoying persons is to block them. Here is how you can block an annoying person on facebook :

  1. Login to your Facebook account in your browser.
  2. Visit the page of the person you want to block.
  3. Click on the downward arrow next to the Message button and select Report/Block This Person link.

    Block Person on Facebook

  4. You would find a pop-up. Check the checkbox labeled Report and/or Block This Person as shown. Of course, the person’s name is going to be different for you. Place a checkmark in the checkbox shown in this popup window. You can also choose a season why you are blocking this person.

    Block Person on Facebook

  5. Click on the Continue button to proceed. If everything goes okay, you would see a confirmation that the selected person has been blocked.

    Block Person on Facebook

After you have blocked a person on facebook, you would not be able to see or contact each other on facebook. This would take care of all the annoyance that person was causing.

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