Bytescout Watermarking : Add Watermarks to Your Images

When you put pictures to your websites, blogs or even on social networks like facebook, they can be stolen by others and claimed as their own. The only way to protect your pictures that you share online is by watermarking them and putting your website name somewhere on the picture itself. This protects your pictures against copyright infringements and misuse without your permission on the internet. Bytescout Watermarking is a free Windows application that can help you put professional quality watermarks on your pictures easily.

Bytescout Watermarking is wizard based application that lets you select one or more images, choose a watermark created from the text you supply and batch add them to the selected pictures. You can download it from the Bytescout website. The download is a setup installer of around 2 megabytes in size. After the installation, you can run it from its Start Menu shortcut. In the starting window that opens, you can add one or more pictures that you want to be watermaked.

Bytescout Watermarking : Add Watermarks to Your Images

In the next step, you have to type in the text for you watermark and choose a watermarking scheme. There are many watermarking schemes to be selected from like – Text Fits Page, Tiled Text, Stamp, Stamp Fits Page, Simple Text, Text Annotation, Date and Time, File Name, LOLCATZ and more. Each of these watermarking schemes have options of their own. For some of them you have to type in the text while others have preset stamps to be chosen from. There is also a preview button to give you an idea about how the watermark is actually going to look on your selected picture.

Bytescout Watermarking : Add Watermarks to Your Images

The next screen in the Watermarking wizard is only available in the Pro version, so you can just click Next button to skip it. The final step is saving the watermarked pictures. You are given the options to keep the original picture file format or convert it to other formats. Watermarking app supports conversion to PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF and BMP file formats.

Bytescout Watermarking is a free and easy to use watermaking solution for personal use. The free edition does not include the adjstment feature to resize your images. So if you want a simple application for your watermarking needs then you can get Bytescout Watermarking.

You can download Bytescout Watermarking from :

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