Clover : Add Tabs to Windows Explorer

Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft, has many new features including many enhancements in the Windows Explorer itself. The Windows Explorer in Windows 8 has many tabs (like Home, Share, View etc.) that show various functions. If you are using an earlier version of Windows (like Windows 7 or Vista), then you can bring the tabs to Windows Explorer using the free Clover tool. The Clover tool is a Windows Explorer extension that adds the multi-tabs functionality to Windows Explorer just like in Google Chrome browser.

You can download Clover from its website. The Clover website is in Chinese but there is also an English section. You can also translate it using a plugin like gTranslate for your browser. After installation of Clover you would have to reboot and after you restart Windows, Clover would be ready to use. Now if you open a new folder in Windows Explorer would be opened in a new tab instead of a new window.

Clover : Add Tabs to Windows Explorer

It works just like the Google Chrome browser. The tabs in Windows Explorer has the same look as Google Chrome tabs. You can click on the new tab button next to the rightmost tab to open a new tab. You can also right-click on a tab and select New Tab from the context menu to open a new tab. The right-click context menu also allows you to duplicate a tab, pin it or add it to the bookmark bar. The usual hotkey Ctrl+T for opening a new tab also works just in Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Clover : Add Tabs to Windows Explorer

Clover is a simple and free application that brings the tabbed feature of Google Chrome to Windows Explorer. It supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7, Vista and XP.

You can download Clover from

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