How to Block Unwanted Sites in Google Search Results

Google is the most widely used search engine on the planet. But sometimes when you search for something, it shows certain websites with low quality information or web pages with misguided titles and so on. For example, if you search for mobile games, you may see lots of websites offering illegal downloads and files containing non-functional games. Good thing is that Google allows you to block unwanted sites from your search results. These sites are blocked for only you when you are logged into your Google account.

You can follow these instructions to block sites in Google Search:

  1. First of all visit Google search in your browser and log in to your Google account. This is necessary because the settings for blocking unwanted sites are saved in your Google account.
  2. Now visit in your browser. This would open the settings page for Google Search. Scroll down and click on the block unwanted sites link as shown in the picture below.

    Block Unwanted Sites in Google Search Results

  3. Here you can type in the URL of a website that you want to block in the Google search results. You can optionally give a reason you want to block that site. Then click on the Block site button to block it.

    Block Unwanted Sites in Google Search Results

  4. You can block upto 500 websites. All the blocked sites would be shown in a list on the same page. You can even download the list of URLs blocked by you.

After blocking a site, it would no longer appear in the Google search results. These websites are blocked only for you when you search Google while logged in to your Google account. Google may also use this information for improving their search results.

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