JFRemover : Clean Junk Files from Hard Disk Drives

We all know very will that after a few months of computer usage, your hard disk gets piled up with lots of junk files. These junk files come from various applications like web browsers, office suites and Windows itself. Windows comes with a disk cleaning tool in-built but it is not able to clean files from the third party application. Fortunately a freeware application JFRemover can help you find and remove leftover junk files and temporary files from your hard disk.

You can download and install JFRemover from the UtilityNerd website. It comes as a portable application which means that you do not have to install anything in Windows. Just download and execute the JFRemover.exe and you are ready to go. You can just click on the Clean button to start the detection and removal of the junk files.

JFRemover : Clean Junk Files from Hard Disk Drives

However, if you just want to see what it can detect on your hard disk, then you can select the Analyze checkbox and then click on the Clean button. This way you would see a preview of how many files would be deleted from your system and how much hard disk space would be recovered. It would show a simulation of how actually its going to recover the hard disk space. If you are happy with the results, then you can un-check the Analyze checkbox and click on the Clean button again to actually delete the junk files.

If you want to customize the detection and deletion of temporary files, then you can click on the Options button. In the Options window, you can find options for choosing which sections you want it to clean for various programs. There are three tabs for browsers, Windows and other applications. It supports Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, SeaMonkey and many other applications. The UtilityNerd website claims that it supports over 100 different applications.

JFRemover : Clean Junk Files from Hard Disk Drives

On my Windows 7 computer, it cleaned about 18 gigabyte of junk data. This amount of data cleaning is very useful if you have smaller hard disks. While there are other tools like CCleaner, JetClean, System Ninja and Xleaner etc., JFRemover seems to clean more junks files than most of them.

You can download JFRemover from http://www.utilitynerd.com/software/jfremover.html.

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