Jumpshare : Free Fast Online File Sharing Service

Jumpshare is a free online file sharing service. This is different from other file sharing services as it allows you to upload files directly from your browser with the drag and drop interface. It also shows the previews of your uploaded files before you download them, making it easier for you to identify the files that you really want to download. The Jumpshare offers simple browser based interface and you do not have to download and install any software on your PC for it to work.

As previously mentioned, using Jumpshare is very easy. You do not need to signup or register for any user account. Just visit the Jumpshare website and drag and drop any file that you want to upload onto its webpage. The dropped file would start uploading and it would also show you a progress bar.

Jumpshare : Free Fast Online File Sharing Service

Once you have uploaded a file, it would be shown in a grid view (you can switch to list view if you want). You can click on its thumbnail to see the preview of that file. Jumpshare claims to support over 150 different types of files to be previewed. In the preview window, you can find the links to share that file, post it on social networks like facebook, twitter or google plus. You can also email the sharing link of a file to your friends from this window.

Jumpshare : Free Fast Online File Sharing Service

At the time of writing this post, Jumpshare is not offering for you to create user accounts but says that this feature would be made available in a short time. If you upload files without a user account, your files would automatically be deleted in two weeks. If you have a user account, then your files will not be deleted automatically and you would have a free 2GB storage all to yourself.

You can visit the Jumpshare site at http://jumpshare.com/.

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