YouZeek : Discover, Play and Share Music Online [Legally]

If you love to listen to the latest music, then you would love YouZeek. YouZeek is a free online app that enables you to search for music artists, their songs and listen to them. You can also discover new artists and music through its web interface. All this is done legally and no copyrights are violated because YouZeek does not store any copyrighted content on its servers but relies on legal sources like Youtube. So basically YouZeek is an aggregator of music videos available on Youtube.

Using YouZeek is very easy. When you visit the YouZeek the first time, it shows you a tabbed array of various countries and popular artists. You can click on a country name to explore the artists and bands from that country. For example, if you click on the Brazil tab, you would see a list of all the artists from Brazil. You can now click on an artists’s thumbnail to explore the music and songs performed by them.


On an artist’s page, you would see the most popular songs performed by them listed on the top of the page for you to easily play them. But you can scroll down and find all the publicly available songs and music videos from them. You can click on the thumbnail of a music video and that music video starts playing in the left side of the browser window. When one video finishes playing, the next video in the list starts playing automatically.


Other than this way of discovering the artists, you can also type in the name of an artist or band that you know (e.g., Lady Gaga or Katy Perry) in the search box on the top and press Enter. The songs produced by that artist would be searched and listed on the search page. You can create your own playlists from any song you have in a search result, or from songs in an existing playlist.

The Discover feature in YouZeek allows you to discover new music, songs, artists and bands from diffrent countries. The Music Room feature allows you to chat with other music lovers who are using YouZeek (when I tried Music Room, there was nobody in the rooms).

In addition to the website, you can find YouZeek apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. There are widgets for websites and mobile web too.

You can visit YouZeek website at