Arrange Your Desktop : Cleanup Your Messy Desktop in One Click

When we install Windows fresh, our Windows desktop has only one or two shortcut icons. But as we start to use our PC, we accumulate lots of icons and files on the desktop. Soon the downloaded video files, documents, audio files, programs and more are piling up on the desktop and give it a messed up look. You can try to cleanup the desktop yourself, or you can use a free utility called Arrange Your Desktop which helps you quickly cleanup your messy desktop in one click.

You can download Arrange Your Desktop utility from their website. The download is around 1 megabytes. After the installation, you can access it from its Start Menu shortcut. The user interface of Arrange Your Desktop is very simple. It shows a list of options – each option listing a number of file types and the target folders where those file types would be moved. You can customize these options and choose a custom target folder. You can also add custom file types that are not listed in the options.

Arrange Your Desktop : Cleanup Your Messy Desktop in One Click

When you click on the Arrange button, all the files on your desktop shall be moved into the folders as specified in the options. For example, video files (*.mp4, *.mkv etc.) would be moved to a folder Video Files on your desktop. This way all the files belonging to a specific category shall be moved to sub-folders on your desktop and make it look neat and clean.

You can do this all manually too, but Arrange Your Desktop saves your precious time and does the dirty job of cleaning up your desktop in a single click. While the program is useful, the installer of Arrange Your Desktop comes packed with seven or eight toolbars and add-ons which is totally undesired and unnecessary. You have to be careful during the installation to uncheck any options and decline to install such toolbars, unless you desire them on your system.

You can download Arrange Your Desktop from