How to Compress PDF Files and Reduce Their Size

If you scan documents into PDF files for storing them on your hard disk, then file size is not a problem. But if you want to distribute PDF files over the internet, then you should make a smaller size PDF file because smaller files consume less bandwidth. Neevia PDF Compressor tool can help you compress the PDF files and reduce their file size.

Neevia PDF Compressor is available as an online web app and also as a downloadable program. Both of them can compress your PDF files on many levels. The compression basically involves compressing the embedded images and removing the unwanted objects like forms and bookmarks. For example, if you have a PDF file with JPEG image embedded, then reducing the quality of that JPEG image down to 80% can cut down the file size a few hundred bytes.

To compress a PDF file using the online Neevia PDF compressor, you can visit the Neevia PDF compressor site and click on the Browse button to select your PDF file. Then you can choose various options like color images compression, monochrome images compression and remove various objects (like bookmarks, forms, annotations, page labels etc.). Finally, click on the Upload & Compress button to start the compression process. After the file is compressed, you would be shown a download link to download the compressed file.

Compress PDF Files and Reduce Their Sizes

The online PDF compressor tool has a limiation – you can upload a PDF file of only upto 5 megabytes in size. The downloadable Windows program has no such limitation. So if your PDF files are larger than 5MB, then you should download the Neevia PDF Compress tool and run it on your system. It has exactly same options and features as its online counterpart, only it can handle files of any size. You can click on the Add button to add PDF files and click on the Compress to start the compression. In the settings, you can choose compressions options and also encrypt the resulting PDF files. The offline Neevia PDF Compress tool is not free and the evaluation version stamps all the pages of compressed PDF files with a watermark.

Compress PDF Files and Reduce Their Sizes

Neevia PDF Compressor can reduce the size of your PDF files incredibly. I tried it on one of my 10 MB PDF file and it was compressed down to a mere 500 kB file. There is a slight reduction in the image quality but that is acceptable in most of the PDF files. Such small files are great for distribution as they take smaller amount of time to download and consume lesser web hosting bandwidth.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time for making this tutorial, really appreciated. Personally, I prefer using Acethinker PDF Converter. It’s a free web-based application that can reduce about 60% file size of PDF document, you don’t have to subscribe or signup anything. And it has no file size limitation.

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