How to Quickly Switch Filenames in Windows

The file renaming process in Windows is very simple. Just select a file, press F2 and type in the new name. However things become a little difficult if you want to switch the names of two filenames – give the first file the name of the second and the second file the name of the first. Usually, you approach this problem by temporarily giving one of the files a dummy filename and then proceed with renaming. Fortunately, there is a simple way to switch filenames of two files – Switcheroo. It is a tiny Windows tool that can quickly switch the names of two files.

You can download Switcheroo from its website. It is a portable application of about less than 500 kilobytes. Being a portable application it does not require installation and you can use it immediately after downloading. The user interface of Switcheroo is pretty simple. There are two edit boxes where you can drag-and-drop files that you want to be renamed.

How to Quickly Switch Filenames in Windows

To drag and drop files onto the Switcheroo window it is advised that you check the Always on top checkbox. This way the Switcheroo application stays on-top and visible even when you are trying to find the files in the Windows Explorer. After you have dragged and dropped the files into the Switcheroo window, all you have to do is click on the Switch button. The names are switched instantly. You would see a message in the statusbar of the Switcheroo window showing that names have been switched.

Switcheroo is a quick and easy way to swap the file names of two files. It is a free Windows application. It does not require any installation and works in all versions of Windows. With Switcheroo in hand, you no longer have to go through the painful process of manually swapping the filenames of two files.

You can download Switheroo from