Eusing Clock: Beautiful Desktop Clock for Windows

Microsoft Windows comes with a clock which is located in the system tray, in the lower-right corner of the desktop. But this clock is not customizable and looks plain. If you want a great looking clock for Windows desktop, then you can use the free Eusing Clock which shows the time using circular rings – one each for hour, minutes and seconds. Eusing Clock is completely customizable and allows you to change its look, time format, color and opacity.

You can download Eusing Clock from the Eusing software website. It is a portable program of about 300 kilobytes in size. Being a portable application it does not require installation and you can use it immediately after downloading. Upon launching, it shows the clock with all the default settings. If you hover your mouse over the clock, then you would see the wrench like settings icon clicking on which you can open Eusing Clock settings. You can also right-click on the clock and select Options from the context menu to open the settings window.

Eusing Clock: Beautiful Desktop Clock for Windows

In the General settings for Eusing Clock, you can set it to automatically start with Windows, display clock scale, set time format, choose a time zone etc. You can choose the colors, radius of clock and various rings, font used to display time etc. under the Appearance tab. You can also add more than one clocks under the Add Clock section which allows you to add clocks with different time zones. In addition to the clocks, you can also set alarms. You can set multiple alarms which can be used to show a tip, execute a file, open a document, shutdown, power off or restart a computer.

Eusing Clock: Beautiful Desktop Clock for Windows

Eusing Clock is a lightweight, simple and beautiful desktop clock for Windows. It allows you to create multiple clocks from different time zones. You can also use it to set alarms to execute various actions like displaying messages, shutting down your PC. You can also customize it and easily modify the colors, themes, size and many other elements of the clock.

You can download Eusing Clock from

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