Bloody Vikings: Use Disposable Email Addresses in Firefox

Many times we have to enter our email address in forums, surverys, comments and other places on the internet. Once your email address is out there, it is inevitable that you would start receiving spam. One solution to this problem is to hide your email address from spammers by giving them a disposable email address instead. We have previously posted about mailinator and TrashMail both of which can be used to create disposable email addresses. Bloody Vikings is a Firefox plugin that makes using disposable email addresses much easier by automatic generating and inserting them in the email address fields on webpages.

You can get BloodyVikings addon from the Mozilla Firefox addons page. After you have installed this add-on and restarted your Firefox browser, you are ready to create and use disposable email addresses. Now whenever you happen to visit a webpage where you have to enter email address, you can just right-click on the email address text field and select BloodyVikings from the right-click menu. You can select one service from the many disposable email address services.

Bloody Vikings: Use Disposable Email Addresses in Firefox

When you select one of the disposable email address services, it automatically generates a fake disposable email address and opens the respective service’s webpage in a new tab where you can check the email messages delivered to it. BloodyViking recommends using the 10 MinuteMail service which expires the generated email address within 10 minutes of generation (just like in the movie Mission Impossible). If you want disposable email address for a longer duration, then you can use other services like Anonbox or mailinator.

You can open the BloodyVikings options from the Addons page by typing about:addons in the location bar. In the options for BloodyVikings, you can set the default disposable email service. By default, the default email service is set to 10 Minutes Mail. You can choose to automatically copy an email address to clipboard which makes it easy to use it on sites that require you to enter email address at multiple places. You can also set option to pin the respective mailbox as an app in Firefox, which makes it easy to check the email messages by just clicking on the app icon.

Bloody Vikings: Use Disposable Email Addresses in Firefox

BloodyVikings is an excellent add-on for Firefox that simplifies the generation and use of a disposable email address. It supports a large number of disposable email address services including 10 Minute Mail, Mailinator, TrashMail, Anonbox, Yopmail, FakeMailGenerator, Mailcatch, Squizzy, SpamAvert, Mailforspam, Koszmail and more.

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