Metataste: Which Movies Should I Watch?

When the Matrix series of movies ended, I found myself very excited and wondered if there are more movies like this. But finding movies of similar type is a harder task than one can imagine. The IMDB (Internet Movie Database) website and Google certainly help but not so much. This is when I found out about Metataste – an online app that recommends you movies based on your favorite movies. You have to tell a few of your favorite movies and it would then show a list of similar movies that you might be interested in.

Using Metataste is very easy. Just visit the Metataste website and type in three of your favorite movies. As you type the movie names and press Enter the posters of those movies are displayed in the boxes below. To remove a previously entered favorite movie, hover your mouse over that movie’s poster and click on the close button. Once you have set your three favorite movies, click on the see recommendations button to see the recommendations of Metataste.

Metataste: Which Movies Should I Watch?

The recommendations page shows a huge array of movies close in story, genre and taste of your favorite movies. On the sidebar, you can choose the range of years in which the movies were released, you can choose to show only English or non-English movies, you can set to show movies of only a particular language and more. In the left side, there is also an option to show short duration movies available for free on the internet (Youtube and Vimeo). You can also show only those movies that are available over the Netflix for watching online or on Amazon for buying as a DVD or BlueRay disk.

Metataste: Which Movies Should I Watch?

Metataste is a nice app to find the movies of a taste similar to the ones you have favorited. I favorited Annie Hall, Butterflies Are Free and Manhattan Murder Mystery and it showed me various similar movies as recommended. I am impressed by the quality of movies it finds. Everyone who likes to watch good quality movies should use this app and find the movies to their taste. The Metataste app can be used from their website but is also available as a Google Chrome extension.

You can visit the Metataste website at

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