AutoPager: Automatically Load the Next Page in Your Browser

There are thousands of popular sites where you have to click on the Next or Siguiente links to go to the next page. Google Search is a classic example of such a website. You have to click on Next to load the next page of search results in Google. If you are tired of clicking on Next in such websites, then AutoPager is the addon for you. AutoPager is a browser extension for Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome which loads the next page automatically which you can view by just scrolling down in your browser window.

AutoPager supports many browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. After installing this extension in your browser, you are ready to use them. When you browse a site with Next links, AutoPager connects to its server at Teesoft to check if there are any existing rules for that website and downloads them. It needs your permission for using those rules before it can fetch and append then next page to the current page in your browser. Between the two pages, is the AutoPager page break which shows links to go to the topmost page, up one level, down one level or to the downmost page. It also has a setting of how many Next pages it should load in memory. By default, it loads next 3 pages in memory for displaying readily.

AutoPager: Automatically Load the Next Page in Your Browser

You can quickly set the options for AutoPager from its icon in the Firefox toolbar (or from the extensions page in Chrome). The options include how many pages are to be loaded immediately, whether to disable AutoPager on a particular website, update the rules from online database, whether to use lite mode which uses less memory and many more. There is a site wizard option too which lets you create rules for any website you want.

AutoPager: Automatically Load the Next Page in Your Browser

AutoPager is a nifty extension that saves you from clicking on the Next links over and over again. It supports a large number of sites like Lifehacker, the New York Times, Digg, PC World, Google. You can also add your own unsupported website easily using the site wizard feature. To add a new site, you have to first pick the Next link and then the content you want to be loaded. If you spend a lot of time on the internet browsing sites that make you frustrated by putting the Next links to read the full article, then you are going to love the AutoPager extension. It is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

You can download AutoPager for various browsers from

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