MiTec Internet History Browser: View Internet History of All Browsers

A few days ago, I found a very nice online chatting website. But after a few days I forgot the address of that website. Google search could not assist me. I had to lookup the browser history to find out the website address. But having installed multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera), it was not easy to go through the history of each web browser. The free MiTec Internet History Browser can make your task easy if you have to lookup the history of multiple web browsers. It displays the web browsing history of all the installed browsers in one place making it very easy for you to search for a previously opened website.

You can download MiTec Internet History Browser from its official MiTec website. It supports Opera, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. It supports all Windows versions from Windows 2000 to Windows 8. The download is a portable application packed inside a ZIP archive. You can download the archive, extract the contents to a temporary folder and run IHB.exe to start Internet History Browser.

MiTec Internet History Browser

You can click on the green colored graphic button with the scanning picture, so that it can start scanning your computer for the web browser history. This would scan all the installed browsers and the results would be saved in a file. This saved file can later be opened using the Browse data stored in a file button. At the end of the scanning, it would display the results for all the supported and installed browsers. You can click on any result to view the details at the bottom. Details include full title, website URL, time you last visited it and the number of times you have opened that website. You can click on the Open button to open that website. You can search for a website by typing part of its title or URL in the search box.

MiTec Internet History Browser

There are no options or settings in the MiTec Internet History Browser, making it very easy and simple to use. It allows you to view or search the history of various web browsers from a single interface, saving from the trouble of switching from one browser to another. It can also save the results to a file that can be opened later to view the results.

You can download MiTec Internet History Browser from