How to Test Your LCD/LED Monitor for Dead Pixels

The older CRT monitors are a thing of the past. Now all computer come with the LCD or LED monitors. These new LCD/LED monitors are flat screened, take smaller space and consume less electricity compared to the CRT monitors. These monitors are made up of an array of diodes that give out the light of different colors. As the time passes, one or more of these tiny diodes may fail to work – resulting in a tiny black or white dot on the screen. These are commonly called as dead pixels. Sometimes even the brand new LCD/LED monitors also come with defects and already have such dead pixels. You should test your brand new LED/LED monitors quickly for dead pixels so that you can replace them while they are still under warranty. Aurelify InjuredPixels is a freeware for Windows that can easily check your monitor for dead pixels.

Aurelify InjuredPixels allows you to easily check for defective (hot, dead or stuck) pixels on LCD monitors. Hot pixels always stay white, dead pixels always stay black and stuck pixels always stay the same color. This software can be used to test a new LCD monitor before you purchase it. If you have already bought it, then you can test it within the warranty period so that you can return or replace it.

You can download InjuredPixels from the Aurelify website. The download is a portable .NET application which can be run without installing on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The download is a mere 57 kilobytes size file. Double-click on the downloaded file injuredpixels.exe to run the InjuredPixels app.

Test Your LCD/LED Monitor for Dead Pixels

When you run Aurelify InjuredPixels, it goes fullscreen and turns your screen black. You can left-click on the screen to change the colors to white, red, blue and so on. Each color is useful for detecting a type of defective pixel. For example, black screen can be used to find hot pixels, white screen can be used to find dead black pixels, the different colors can be used to find the detective pixels of corresponding colors. You can right-click on the screen to see the InjuredPixels menu again. To quit the program you can use the Quit from the InjuredPixels menu.

InjuredPixel is a very easy to use simple tool to test any LED or LCD monitor for dead pixels. It helps you detect dead pixels before you buy a PC or while it is still under warranty. It does not require installation and can be used in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

You can download Aurelify InjuredPixels from