WinSplit Revolution: Make Optimal Use of Your PC Screen

Auto Snap is one of the features in Windows 7 that allows you to automatically arrange the windows of any application to the right-half or the left-half side edges of your computer screen. But you can arrange only two windows side-by-side using Auto Snap. What if you have four or more applications that you want to work with? The freeware WinSplit Revolution application can help you arrange and organize your windows so that you can make optimal use of your PC screen and work with multiple windows at the same time.

WinSplit Revolution is especially useful for large size LCD or LED screens with high resolutions because it helps you to efficiently manage many active windows. The advantages of using WinSplit is that it saves you from having to drag and drop windows by allowing you to snap windows into specific tiled configurations using simple keyboard hotkeys. If you are a web designer, accountant or computer programmer and have to switch back and forth through many windows, then you can make use of your large computer screen and save yourself from the trouble by using WinSplit Revolution.

You can download WinSplit Revolution from its website. The download is available both as an installer and as a portable application. I always prefer the portable applications myself, as they leave no files or settings in the registry. When you start WinSplit Revolution, it places an icon in the notification area. You can double-click on this notification area icon to open a tiny virtual numpad window that shows the buttons to snap windows to various edges and corners of your screen. The button in the center maximizes an active window.

WinSplit Revolution: Make Optimal Use of Your PC Screen

If you do not want to use this tiny virtual numpad window to arrange your windows, then WinSplit also allows you to use customizable hotkeys. By default the hotkeys make use of Ctrl + Alt and one of the number keys on your numpad. For example Ctrl + Alt + 6 tiles a window to the right-edge of your PC screen. If you press the numpad key again, then you would tile the window to a different size area along the right-edge. You can edit the hotkeys by right-clicking on the notification area icon and selecting Hotkey setings.

WinSplit Revolution: Make Optimal Use of Your PC Screen

There is a drag’N’Go feature too which allows you to drag any window to one of the edges or corners of your screen. You can select a window, press Ctrl + Alt and then drag a window to an edge of your screen. You would see highlighted target areas as you drag the selected window around on your screen. You can change the Drag’N’Go options from the WinSplit Options window (which you can open from its notification area icon).

WinSplit Revolution: Make Optimal Use of Your PC Screen

In the options window, you can make the WinSplit Revolution automatically start with Windows, you can change the drag’N’Go settings, you can modify the virtual numpad window settings, auto-update settings and more.

WinSplit Revolution is Windows 7 Auto Snap feature on steroids. It allows you to arrange, tile and position the open windows to make the best use of your computer screen. It allows you to arrange the windows using the hotkeys, the virtual numpad and the drag’N’Go feature. It is extremely useful if you have a large PC screen or dual monitor system.

You can download WinSplit Revolution from

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