MapCrunch: Explore the World Virtually

Everyone knows about Google Maps that you can use to explore an area or a place. But you have to know the names of places beforehand. What if just want to explore new random places that you do not know about? Here is where MapCrunch comes in. MapCrunch can teleport you to a random place anywhere in the whole world using the Google Street View and allows you to explore new places. You can close down the exploration to a single continent or a country. You can even narrow down your exploration activities to a selected area or a particular city.

To use the MapCrunch web app, just visit their website and select a country or a group of countries like Europe, North America, Asia, Austrasia etc. You can select Urban to explore only the city area, Stealth to hide all the location information, Tour to view 360 degree view of an area or Auto to enable automatic slideshow of an area. After this all you have to do is click on the Go button. You can also hit the N key on your keyboard.

MapCrunch: Explore the World Virtually

The myMap feature lets you select an area to explore. For example, if you want to explore Frankfurt, Germany, then just search for it in the map. Alternatively, you can drag and zoom the map until you see the area that you want to explore. Finally click on the Go button. It would show a random location from the selected area and pinpoint it on the map as well.

MapCrunch: Explore the World Virtually

So if you like to visit new places and explore the world unknown to you, then just visit the MapCrunch site and teleport yourself into the wonderful world captured by Google Maps across more than 40 countries. You would find out about many amazing places that you have never seen. You can share the found locations with your friends and possibly plan to travel there.

You can visit the MapCrunch website at

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