Boot UI Tuner: Customize Boot Screen in Windows 8

Windows 8 boots much faster than the previous versions of Windows. Windows 8 shows a graphical screen when it boots up and shows the welcome message. But not everyone wants to spend time looking at the Windows 8 logo. If you want to disable the Windows boot logo, then you can use the free Boot UI Tuner. It is a freeware application designed for Windows 8 and allows you to change various Boot UI settings for Windows 8.

Boot UI Tuner allows you to set some of the hidden settings of the boot manager in Windows 8. It allows you to disable Windows boot logo, disable the spinning circle, enable advanced boot options, enable legacy boot menu and many more. You can download Boot UI Tuner from the WinAero website. The download is available as a portable application. You can download the ZIP archive which contains both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the program. When you run the Boot UI Tuner, it shows a simple window with many checkboxes to be selected or un-selected.

Customize Boot Screen in Windows 8

The options include toggling of the Enable advanced options of boot menu which forces Windows to display advanced boot menu when you restart Windows. This is useful for doing some fixing or repair to Windows 8. Through the advanced boot menu you can access command prompt, run system restore and more. The second option Enable editing of boot options allows you to change boot settings for Windows 8. The options Enables windows logo and Enable loading circle, enable the Windows logo animation and the spinning circle respectively to be displayed at the boot screen. If you do not like the new Windows 8 boot menu, then you can view the older Windows Vista/7 style boot menu by choosing the option Enable legacy boot menu.

Do not forget to click Apply to actually apply the selected options. If you mess up the settings and want to return back to the default Windows 8 Boot UI settings, then you can just click on the Defaults which would restore all the settings to their default value.

You can download Boot UI Tuner from