Everloop : Safer and Fun Social Networking for Kids

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social networking website today. But most people do not realize that it does not allow kids under the age of 13 to register and use a facebook account. But there is a social networking site called Everloop that is specially designed for kids under the 13 years of age. The Everloop website does not allow the adults to register for an account. It features games, videos, music, chat and goobs (pranks) for younger kids.

The Everloop site complies with COPPA (Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act) that requires verifiable parental permission before a child can provide any personal information to a social networking site. You can read more information about COPPA from http://www.coppa.org/coppa.htm.

Everloop : Safer and Fun Social Networking for Kids

Everloop is children’s social networking equivalent of facebook which lets the children have social interaction under the supervision of adults. Its a place for kids to interact, learn and have fun together under adult supervision. The activities of kids are continuously reported to their parents keeping them safer. The kids can make friends with other kids their parents approve of. They can also join groups called Loops which are groups of kids interested in a similar activity. Kids within a Loop can share things they like for example, sports, movies, music, books, jokes, pranks etc. Just like facebook you can play games on Everlook. According to the Everlook site, there are over 1500 games available for tons of fun in the Everlook arcade. If you are a parent or grand-parent, then you can also play these fun games with kids.

Everloop : Safer and Fun Social Networking for Kids

But the best and most fun part of the Everloop social networking site is the Goobs. Goobs are pranks that you can play with your friends. There are tons of pranks like teepeeing your friends profile, fruit fight, bug splat, creepy critters and more. At the same time Everloop makes sure that kids do not engage in mean pranks. Pranking of only milder level is allowed. Everloop also makes sure that bullying of any sort does not take place on the site.

Everloop ensures that kids are not on their own on the social network. There are always adults present to make sure that things do not go the wrong way. If some kids involve in bullying, racist comments or posting inappropriate content, then their parents are notified immediately. If the behavior is repeated again, then those kids are expelled from Everloop. There is a Parent Panel through which parents can review incoming and outgoing communication with the option to approve friend requests and acceptances.

So if your under-13 kid is very much desirous of using facebook, then why not open an Everloop account for him/her? Everloop is specially designed for under-13 year olds and offers much safer and cleaner environment. Kids can use Everloop on their PC through the website. Everloop has also launched an iPhone app using which kids and parents can stay connected to Everloop.

You can visit Everloop at http://www.everloop.com/.