Control Mouse Cursor with Your Keyboard using Neat Mouse

Computer mice are very cheap and if your computer mouse dies, then you can buy another one either from a nearby store or online. But when the mouse dies in the middle of the night, then you are left pretty much stuck. In those situations, when your mouse has suddenly stopped working and you have to finish a report, you can make use of a little utility called Neat Mouse. It is a freeware Windows application that helps you control the mouse cursor easily in Windows.

NeatMouse is a small tool for Windows that allows controlling your mouse cursor through keyboard. The NeatMouse website details various situations when this tool can be useful. For example, when you do not acually have a mouse, your mouse has stopped working, your mouse is dead, you have not installed drivers for your mouse, your wireless mouse has run out of battery charge etc. In all these situations, you can just use the NeatMouse tool to control the cursor without waiting for your mouse problems to be resolved.

You can download NeatMouse from the Neat Decisions website. The download is available as an installer setup program which can also be used to create a portable installation. The download is less than 1 megabytes. If you install it on your system, it will launch itself after the installation. If you have created a portable installation, then you will have to manually run NeatMouse.exe. The window that opens up allows you to edit the configuration for the NeatMouse application.

Control Mouse Cursor with Your Keyboard using Neat Mouse

You can choose various settings like key bindings for left, right and double-clicks for your mouse. You can change the activation hotkey. You can enable displaying of NeatMouse icon near the cursor when it is activated. You can also change the speed of cursor movement for regular and alternate modes. If you enable the displaying of the icon near the cursor, then it would show a tiny mouse near your cursor as you move your cursor around the screen.

Control Mouse Cursor with Your Keyboard using Neat Mouse

NeatMouse is a great little tool for those who do not have a physical mouse available or are waiting for the mouse to be shipped. It lets you control your mouse cursor very easily without you having to dive into Windows settings. NeatMouse also comes in handy when you need high precision in mouse pointer moving. It allows you to set pointer accuracy up to one pixel which is very useful if you are working with a graphics designing software like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop.

You can download Neat Mouse from

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