Free Viewer: Open Hundreds of Files Types with One Program

Have you ever thought about how many applications you have to install to just view various types of documents. On my PC, I have installed Foxit Viewer for PDF files, Winamp for audio files, VLC Media Player for video files, OpenOffice for Word Documents and many more for other filetypes. If you find it annoying to install so many apps for different file types, then you can just use one program called Free Viewer. Free Viewer is a freeware program for Windows that can open many different types of file formats.

You can download Free Viewer from the Free Viewer website. The download is available as an installer setup program. The download is around 30 megabytes. During the installation, it will automatically associate itself with any supported filetypes that are not configured to be opened with a program. You can further associate it with any file types from its Associations utility. After the installation, you can open a supported filetype by just double-clicking on it.

Free Viewer: Open Hundreds of Files Types with One Program

Free Viewer is not just a viewing application – it can also edit some type of documents like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images and more. It can also be used to extract files from archives like ZIP or RAR files. Additionally, it can be used to convert one type of document to another file format type. For example, you can save a DOCX (Microsoft Word document) file to an ODF (OpenOffice document) file.

While Free Viewer can edit some types of documents, it does not provide advanced features for editing. So it is advised that you install the respective programs for editing a filetype if you have to make use of the advanced editing features. For example, it provides basic cropping, resizing etc. for image files but these cannot be compared with the features provided by GIMP or Adobe Photoshop.

Free Viewer is an easy to use simple application for those users who do not have time to install many different programs in order to be able to open most of the filetypes. You can just install Free Viewer and be done with all the file viewing requirements. It can act as your media player, archive extraction tool, documents editor and image viewer/editor. It supports all versions of Windows including Windows XP and above.

You can download Free Viewer from