How to Clear Facebook Search History

Nothing is hidden from the watching eyes of Facebook. Whether you friend someone on Facebook, like a page on Facebook, chat with friends or share a picture, it is all recorded down by Facebook. Even the people names you search for are recorded along with the time and date when you looked up for them. If you do not want anyone (like your spouse or boyfriend) to find out that you were searching for a person or page on Facebook, then you can clear your search history from Facebook by following the instructions in this post.

  1. First of all open the Facebook site in your browser and login to your account. When you have logged in to your account, click on your name on the top-right corner of the Facebook site.

     Clear Facebook Search History

  2. This would open your profile page. In this profile page, there is a button labeled Activity Log as shown in the picture below. Click on this button and this would open your activity log page.

     Clear Facebook Search History

  3. The Activity Log page shows your activity for many different things like photos, comments, likes, friends, music etc. These categories are listed on the left hand side of the Activity Log page. You have to click on More at the bottom of these categories to expand the list and see more categories. Then scroll down and click on the category labeled Search as shown in the picture below.

     Clear Facebook Search History

  4. Once you are on your Search History log page, you can see when and who you have been searching for. The exact time of search is shown when you hover your mouse cursor over a search item. You can clear all the search history by clicking on the Clear Searches at the top of this page.

     Clear Facebook Search History

  5. You would see a confirmation box, asking whether you are sure about clearing the search history. After clicking on the Clear Searches button your search history would be cleared.

Your Facebook search history is used to show you relevant searches, so by clearning it you may not get any search results related to your previous search terms. This can be good or bad based on what you have been searching on Facebook. Either way, by clearing your search history, you better protect your online privacy.

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