Quttera URL Scanner : Scan URL for Malware and Suspicious Scripts

When you browse websites, you cannot really know which websites are secure. These days cyber criminals are trying to hide attack scripts inside the comments or advertisements of good websites too. A few years ago, the New York Times website was inadvertently distributing malware as some attackers had hidden the malicious code inside an iframe element. If you are doubtful about a website, then you can scan it using the free Quttera URL Scanner. It can scan all the elements of the target site for malicious files and suspicious scripts. It can detect known as well as new types of injected malicious scripts.

You can download Quttera URL Scanner from Quttera website. It is around 4 megebaytes in size. After the installation, you can run it from the desktop or Start Menu shortcut. The program does not have a GUI (graphical user interface) but offer an CLI (command line interface), yet it is still very easy to use. When you run it for the first time, it would complain of not having installed a CDB package. This package is necessary for detection of malicious scripts. You can download and install it by giving the update command.

Quttera URL Scanner : Scan URL for Malware and Suspicious Scripts

At the time of writing this post, the CDB package is around 17 megeabytes in size and its download may take about 2 minutes. After the download and install is complete, you would see the message regarding the successful CDB update. Now you are ready to scan any website or URL. To scan a url type scan followed by a space and then the target URL; then press Enter to issue the command. For example, you can type scan google.com or scan google.com/index.html.

Quttera URL Scanner : Scan URL for Malware and Suspicious Scripts

This would result in Quttera URL Scanner to download and scan the target website or URL. Actually, the scanner crawls the target URL. This means that it will not only scan the target URL but all the pages linked on that URL page. It keeps on crawling until 10 megabytes of download limit is reached. Once all the files are downloaded, it scans them and shows you the result. You can also see the detailed report in the report.log file that it generates.

The Quttera investigation engine is not based on virus signatures. Instead it scans the target items using its behavior analysis investigation engine which is capable to recognize and detect software vulnerability exploits, shell-codes, malicious JavaScript scripts and malicious executable code hidden in legitimate web content like HTML pages, movies, images, PDF files and others. If you are trying to visit a new suspicious looking website then this tool can scan the target website and give you an idea if the site is okay to visit. If you are a webmaster or blog writer, then you can regularly scan your blog/website using this tool in order to check for any injected attack script or malicious code inside your pages.

You can download Quttera URL Scanner from http://quttera.com/command-line-url-malware-scanner.

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