OkayFreedom VPN : Stay Anonymous and Secure on the Internet

Contrary to the popular belief that you stay anonymous on the internet, you are actually exposed as soon as you visit websites. Your IP address can be used to identify you and locate you geographically on the world map. Some websites leave tracking cookies which keep tracking you even after you connect to the internet using a different IP address. Because your IP address can be used to determine your geographical location, some websites use it to block access to certain countries. OkayFreedom VPN is a free virtual private networking (VPN) service that allows you to spoof your IP address, surf the web anonymously and access the blocked sites in your region.

OkayFreedom is a Virtual Private Network service (VPN service) which allows your Internet traffic to be redirected to different regions. Through this, the user can conceal their IP address from media services and also encrypt their data traffic. The free OkayFreedom VPN service allows only 500MB traffic per month. Unlike other VPN services, it can automatically choose a proxy server located in Germany, Switzerland, USA or UK. But you can also manually choose a proxy server if you want to.

You can download and install OkayFreedom VPN from its website. The download is a boot strapper of around 3 MB size which further downloads the main 12MB size installer. During the installation it installs OpenVPN network adapter in Windows which is used for tunneling your internet traffic. After the installation, you are shown an option to choose an account type : free account, premium account or premium flat account. The free account offers 500MB traffic per month but can be extended to 1GB by referring OkayFreedom to your friends.

OkayFreedom VPN : Stay Anonymous and Secure on the Internet

As previously stated, OkayFreedom is different from other VPN services. You do not have to manually turn it on or off. When you try to open a website in your browser, OkayFreedom detects if it is blocked in your region. If that website is blcoked for your country or area, then OkayFreedom automaticlly turns on and tunnels your internet traffic through its VPN service. When you are done browsing the restricted site, OkayFreedom VPN can be turned off. This does not mean that you cannot toggle it on or off manually. You can right-click on OkayFreedom icon in the system tray and select one of the countries to switch to VPN manually.

OkayFreedom VPN : Stay Anonymous and Secure on the Internet

To detect which website you are trying to open and if it is restricted or not, OkayFreedom installs a plugin in your web browsers. However, when I tried to open multiple websites restricted in my region, OkayFreedom did not switch to any server. Looks like they have a buggy detection procedure. I also tried to manually switch servers to American, German, British and Swiss. But out of many attempts, only 1 attempt to American server was successful. Upon establishing the connection to a country’s server, the icon in the system tray also changes to that country’s icon.

There are no advanced settings to be chosen in OkayFreedom. You cannot manually choose a particular server. All the servers of a country are grouped inside that country’s icon. The only two settings that you can choose are – search for updates and start automatically with Windows.

OkayFreedom VPN : Stay Anonymous and Secure on the Internet

The free OkayFreedom VPN service allows you to use 500 MB of network traffic per month. It offers many unique features like automatic switching on the VPN service when you visit a restricted site. While the concept of automatically switching to VPN is great, it does not seem to work correctly. Manual switching to various OkayFreedom servers takes a long time and multiple attempts. May be they offer better service if you use a paid Premium account.

You can download and install OkayFreedom VPN from https://www.okayfreedom.com/.

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