Midomi: Identify a Song by Singing in Mic

Has it ever happened to you that you listened to a song on the radio but could not find the title or the artist of that song? Sometimes a song gets stuck in your head but you cannot really recall the exact lyrics. If you are going crazy with such songs that you cannot identify, then a free web app called Midomi can help you out. You can just sing or hum a song into your microphone and Midomi would try to search and identify it for you.

To use Midomi, all you need is a microphone and obviously an internet connection. Then just visit the Midomi website and click on the Click and sing or hum button. After this sing or hum into your microphone for atleast 10 seconds. If you want to sing longer then it would only make Midomi search better for your song. Try to cut down on the background noise which you can do by closing windows and doors of your room and singing closer to the microphone.

Midomi: Identify a Song by Singing in Mic

When you sing make sure the volume bar hits the green level. This results in generating data for better searching the Midomi database. If you are listening a song on the radio, then you can just put the microphone closer to the speaker of your radio. I have found that Midomi is not very good at detecting the older songs (for example, some songs of Beatles), but it is very fast in detecting newer songs. When it identifies a song, it displays the album and artist, along with links to buy the album, and search for the music videos of that song.

Midomi: Identify a Song by Singing in Mic

I tested with many songs on my mobile phone. It failed on older songs like George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord. But it took only 2-3 seconds to detect the newer songs like Enrique’s Tonight I am Loving You and Jennifer Lopez’s On the Floor. It appears that Midomi works better with newer songs.

If you do not want to use the website version of Midomi song search then you can get their mobile app called SoundHound. This app is available for Apple iPhone, Nokia, Microsoft Windows and Google Android smart phones.

You can visit Midomi site at http://www.midomi.com/.

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