ClearCloud DNS servers for safer internet

A DNS server translates the readable form of web addresses like into numerical IP addresses like The Sunbelt Software, the makers of the popular Vipre Antivirus software, have started ClearCloud – a new DNS server service which offers free public DNS server for everyone. ClearClound claims that their DNS servers give safer web browsing experience. For more information about ClearCloud DNS servers, you can visit This article discusses how to configure Windows to use the ClearCloud public DNS servers.

ClearCloud DNS service was discontinued on January 13, 2012. You can instead use Norton DNS or OpenDNS for free safer DNS service. You can also use our Public DNS Server Tool for quickly switching to one of the publicly available DNS servers.

According to ClearCloud website, their DNS service prevents you from being able to access known bad websites, sites that will download malicious files to your computer. It prevents you from being able to access malicious websites that you may not even know your computer is trying to access