Click&Clean : Quickly Clean Internet History in Firefox

When your browse a website in any web browser, it stores all kinds of data on your computer which can be seen just by anyone and exposes your internet privacy. Some of the stored data like tracking cookies and Flash LSO can also be used to track you down and learn your browsing pattern by different websites. To keep yourself safe from these troubles, you should keep cleaning your internet history from time to time. If you are a Firefox user, then you can use the Click&Clean add-on which makes cleaning of various type of data easy in the Firefox browser. It can clean your browsing history, temporary internet files, downloaded files history, cookies, Flash LSO, typed URLs and more. Click&Clean can also invoke an external tool like CCleaner or BleachBit for even more thorough cleaning.

You can download and install the Click&Clean Firefox extension from the Mozilla Firefox addons website. On this Mozilla website, you have to click on the green colored Add to Firefox button. The extension installation requires you to restart your Firefox browser. After the restart, the first thing you should do is configure the Click&Clean add-on options. You can open the Click&Clean add-on options from the add-ons page which you can open by pressing the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + A. Alternatively, you can just press the hotkey Alt + P to open the Click&Clean preferences.

Click&Clean add-on for Firefox

In the Click&Clean preferences, you can choose to clear Firefox history upon closing the web browser, select to clear the browsing data (if you uncheck this option, then it would not clean anything). You can also configure the external application that you want to run. By default, it autmatically selects CCleaner installed on your PC, but you can choose just any application along with its argument. You can also select to clean Flash LSO cookies.

After you have configured Click&Clean preferences and saved them, you can start cleaning the Firefox history. At this point, you should be able to see the Click&Clean button on the Firefox toolbar icon. If you do not see the Click&Clean button in the Firefox toolbar, then you can right-click on the toolbar, select Customize and then drag the Click&Clean button to the toolbar. To clean the Firefox history, just click on the Click&Clean button in the Firefox toolbar and select Clear browsing data from the menu.

Click&Clean add-on for Firefox

Alternatively, you can use the hotkey Alt + C to start the cleaner. This would start the usual Firefox cleanup dialog which you can manually invoke using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Del in Firefox. Additionally, it invokes the external application if you have configured one.

The Click&Clean add-on is a very simple extension that simplifies the way you clean your browsing history. It integrates the Firefox cleaning options with running of an external application like CCleaner, BleachBit or Wise Disk Cleaner. You can also configure it to run automatically every time you close Firefox to clean the browsing history.

You can download Click&Clean add-on for Firefox from