Wise Program Uninstaller : Force Uninstall Stubborn Programs

Sometimes when you try to uninstall a program, Windows throws up an error, does not remove it and you are stuck with that program forever. This becomes even more painful when the new version of that program requires uninstallation of the older version. In these situations, when a program just will not uninstall, you can try the free Wise Program Uninstaller. It can force uninstall those stubborn programs intelligently and get rid of all the associated files and registry entries.

You can download Wise Program Uninstaller from the Wise Cleaner website. The download is available in form of a setup installer. The downloaded file is of around 2 megabytes in size. After the installation is over, it automatically launches the program which scans your system for all the installed software and then displays them in a neat list. The list of the installed programs shows the name of the program, the software publisher, the space taken up by the program on your hard disk, the installation date and the version of program installed.

Wise Program Uninstaller : Force Uninstall Stubborn Programs

To uninstall a program you can select it from the list and then click on the Save Uninstall button. This would launch the respective uninstaller program associated and you can go through the steps of removing the program. But if the associated uninstall program is broken (nothing happens when you click on Save Uninstall) or it shows up some kind of error (the uninstall program fails to remove the program for some reason), then you can click on the Force Uninstall button to forcibly remove the program from your system.

The force uninstall feature searches your hard disk for the associated files, folders and registry entries for the selected program and then display a list of items that it has found. by default, all the entries in the found items list are selected for removal. But you can go through the list and select or de-select the entries as you deem fit for removal. Finally, you can click on the Remove button to force uninstall that software.

Wise Program Uninstaller : Force Uninstall Stubborn Programs

In addition to these two uninstall features (safe uninstall and force uninstall), Wise Program Uninstaller has an option to clean up left over uninstall entries from your registry. These left over entries falsely indicate that a software is installed even after it has been removed. You can get rid of such remnant entries by clicking on the Remove Entries button.

Wise Program Uninstaller is a freeware solution to the problem of broken or missing uninstallers. It can thoroughly scan your system for associated files, folders, registry entries and other settings to forcibly remove a program from your PC. Using the safe removal or force removal features, the Wise Program Uninstaller can successfully remove all the programs from your computer.

You can download Wise Program Uninstaller from http://www.wisecleaner.com/wiseuninstallerfree.html.