How to Restore Browsing Sessions in Apple Safari Browser

One of the features that Apple Safari lacks is an easy way to restore previous browsing sessions like in Mozilla Firefox in which you can quickly restore your previous session from the History menu. But you can install a Safari extension called SafariRestore which makes it very easy to save and restore your browsing sessions in Apple Safari.

You can download and install the SafariRestore extension either from the Safari Extensions website or from the SweetP Productions website (the developers of this extension). After the installation, you would see an extra icon in the Safari toolbar. Clicking on this icon would open the SafariRestore page. On the SafariRestore Sessions section, you can save your current browsing session by clicking on the big Yes button. To restore a saved browsing session, all you have to do is click on its thumbnail.

Restore Browsing Sessions in Apple Safari

If you do not want to manually restore the last browsing session, then you can make it to automatically load the last browsing session when you launch the Safari web browser. This option is present in the SafariRestore settings section. In the Settings for SafariRestore, you can select to restore last session on startup, restore all tabs in a single window, open sessions page on startup and open top sites on startup. You can also selectively choose to open a particular browsing session upon startup.

Restore Browsing Sessions in Apple Safari

If you somehow manage to mess up the SafariRestore settings, then there is a Reset button too. When you click this Reset button, SafariRestore will delete all your saved browsing sessions and clear the extension settings. This is a great function to quickly delete all your saved browsing sessions instead of deleting them one by one.

Apple Safari browser is very smooth web browser, yet it misses some of the most wanted features like the session restore feature. The SafariRestore extension fills the void by providing an excellent interface to save and restore the browsing sessions on demand. The SafariRestore extension can be installed in Safari browser both in Mac and Windows.

You can download SafariRestore extension from