Should I Remove It? : Decide which Programs to Remove

When you buy a new branded PC, whether desktop or notebook, it comes loaded with the manufacturer tools, various utilities and other trial software. You do not really need all of these tools; they just make your PC slower and reduce your overall productivity. When you want to remove these programs, the obvious question everyone faces is whether or not these programs should be removed. The free application for Windows called Should I Remove it? helps you decide if it is okay to remove a particular program installed on your PC.

Should I Remove it? can be downloaded from its website. The download is only a little over 1 megabytes. The program is designed using Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 SP1, therefore you would need to install it on your system, if have not already done so. You can manually install Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 SP1 or the program would download and install it automatically for you. After the installation, you can run Should I Remove it? from its desktop shortcut. It would scan your system for all the installed software, get the ratings from its website and display them for you.

Should I Remove It? : Decide which Programs to Remove

You can see the star ratings the users have given for all the programs. More ratings mean that the program is more useful and should be kept. You can also see the percentage bar of how many people have uninstalled that program from their system. If more people have removed a program, then it is possible that the program is not so good and you may also want to remove it.

If you click on a program in the list, then it will show you a little description about the program, its version, company name and installation date. There is a button labeled Uninstall, clicking on which the selected program would launch the related uninstaller. If you do not know about what that program does, then you can click on the What is it? button. This would take you to the Should I Remove it? website and show you the full description of the selected program, its usual installation folder, the uninstall string, its URL, the behavior exhibited by it, files installed by it, where in the world people install it most and many more details.

The Should I Remove it? program gives you a nice idea about which programs should be installed and which should be kept. But the ratings and other data for various programs is user generated and should not be trusted blindfoldedly. If you like a program or find it useful, then you should keep it no matter what ratings it has and how many people have removed it. But if there is a program you have never used and a large percentage of people have removed it, then would be a good idea to get rid of it.

You can download Should I Remove it? from