Backup and Restore Browser Settings using FavBackup

Everybody knows the painful experience of re-installing Windows, especially when you have to adjust the web browser settings, bookmarks and add-ons all over again. Imagine doing this for all the different web browsers manually. But if you use FavBackup, then you can backup and restore your web browser settings at the click of a button. FavBackup is a free program for Windows that allows you to backup and restore various settings for all the popular web browsers.

FavBackup is a portable application for Windows that you can download from the FavBrowser website. After extracting the contents of the downloaded ZIP file, you can run FavBackup.exe. In the window that opens, you can select an action like backup, restore, full backup or full restore. After selecting the action, you have to a web browser settings of which you want to backup. You can select from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Flock by clicking on their respective icons in the toolbar.

There are two types of backups – selective backup and full backup. The selective backup (labeled just as backup) allows you to select which items and settings of your web browser you want to include in the backup. The full backup just copies all the settings in the backup. If you want to copy the whole web browser profile and all the settings, then you can choose the full backup.

Backup and Restore Browser Settings using FavBackup

In each case, you have to select an action – backup or full backup, and then choose a web browser. Then you have to select which items you want to include in backup. Select a destination folder where backup file would be created. Select the user profile you want to backup. And finally click on the Next button to create the backup.

The restore process is similar to the backup. You have to select an action – restore or full restore. In restore, you can select which settings you want to restore, while the full restore just restore everything from the backup. After selecting the action, choose a web browser, settings of which you want to restore. Select the backup folder where your backup file resides, choose a profile and finally click on the Next button to start the restoration process.

In addition to the backup and restore features for all the different browsers, FavBackup also has a tool to convert Opera user profile to be used on different versions of Windows. You can even change the user name for the Opera profile.

FavBackup is a complete solution to backup and restore your web browser settings. It supports all the major web browsers and can create the backup even when the browsers are running. It is a useful tool to have if you are planning to reinstall Windows or transfer your browser settings to another computer.

You can download FavBackup from


    1. I checked FavBackup software on VirusTotal – turned out completely clean. Looks like their site was compromised. I updated the link to Softpedia web page for download.

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