Lockdown Your Online Privacy Using Privacyfix

Privacyfix is a Firefox extension that can help you lockdown your online privacy settings to keep you safe from the snooping eyes of people. It works inside the Firefox browser and checks your Facebook and Google settings to detect any settings that might expose your personal data to everyone. The Privacyfix extension scans for privacy issues not only for your Facebook and Google profiles but also for the other sites that you visit and the companies tracking you.

You can download and install the extension from the Privacyfix website. The installation does not require for you to restart the Firefox web browser. Immediately after restarting the Firefox browser, you are taken to the Privacyfix page where it scans the issues related to your Facebook profile, Google profile, other websites and tracking settings. If you are not taken to this page automatically, then just visit the Privacyfix website in Firefox and you would be taken to the appropriate page. You should be logged in to your Facebook and Google accounts for this to work.

Lockdown Your Online Privacy Using Privacyfix

As you can see in the snapshot above, you can view the privacy issues found in your Facebook and Google profiles. The issues are shown in orange color while issues that are already fixed are shown in the green color. To fix a detected issue all you have to do is click on the Fix button against that privacy issue. This would take you to the related settings page for Facebook or Google, where you can adjust your settings and fix that privacy issue.

In addition to Facebook and Google profile settings, you can also review your websites related and tracking settings. The websites that share your personal data are shown and allows you to fix the related issues. In the Tracking section, you can see if there are some tracking cookies present on your computer. These tracking cookies are mostly used by advertising companies to track a user’s internet browsing behavior. You can fix the Tracking issues by clearing the cookies and by turning on the Do-Not-Track feature in Firefox.

Lockdown Your Online Privacy Using Privacyfix

Privacyfix extension makes it very easy for everyone to configure their Facebook and Google settings in order to make their profiles more secure. It can also configure some settings in the Firefox web browser to stop websites tracking you and warn you about the sites that might share your personal data (like email address) with others.

You can download Privacyfix extension from https://www.privacyfix.com/.

Addendum: PrivacyFix was discontinued in June 2016.