Clean Junk Files from Windows Using FMJ CleanDisk

We have previously discussed about how we can use the Disk Cleanup tool in Windows to get rid of garbage files. But it does not cover all kinds of junk files present on a typical Windows system. You can use the free FMJ CleanDisk tool to get rid of various different types of unwanted junk files from Windows. CleanDisk is a free tool that allows you to scan and remove over twenty different types of junk files.

You can download CleanDisk from the FMJ Software website. The download is a setup file of less than one megabytes. After the installation, CleanDisk can be launched from its desktop shortcut. You can select one or more scan types, select the hard disks that you want to scan for junk files and click on the Scan button to start the scanning.

Clean Junk Files from Windows Using FMJ CleanDisk

At the end of the scan, it would display a list of matching files (that match the scan types you had selected earlier). You can select one, more or all of the found files and choose to delete them, recycle them or move them to a different folder. It is recommended that you do not delete the files but move them into a different folder and wait for one month. If Windows still keeps working without any problem, then you can delete them.

Clean Junk Files from Windows Using FMJ CleanDisk

The FMJ-Software CleanDisk is a very small, fast and easy-to-use software to get rid of junk files from your Windows system. It allows you to remove the browser history for popular web browsers – Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. However, it can detect some of the Windows sub-folders as empty and fit to be deleted. You have to be careful not to delete such folders as it may cause Windows to behave unexpectedly.

You can download CleanDisk from

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