Quickly Search Files in Windows Explorer Using Listary

If you want to search for files in Windows Explorer, then you can make use of the search box provided at the top-right corner of the window. But this inbuilt search function of Windows Explorer is not as fast as Listary. Listary is a freeware utility for Windows that makes searching for files in Windows Explorer very easy. It is very fast and uses multiple methods for searching the files.

You can download Listary from their main website. The download is a setup file of around three megabytes. After the installation, Listary is automatically launched but you can also launch it from its desktop shortcut. It stays as an icon in the notification area of Windows and does nothing, until you type something in the Windows Explorer window. As you type the full or partial file name in any open Windows Explorer window, Listary looks for it in the current open folder and all its sub-folders and displays the results as a popup list inside the Windows Explorer itself.

Quickly Search Files in Windows Explorer Using Listray

You can use wildcards when searching for a file or folder name. The results are displayed using a simple file match and fuzzy name match. You can use up and down arrow keys to select an item in the Listary results list and press Enter to open it. You can also use your mouse to click on it. If you have a touchscreen device, then simple tapping on it would be sufficient to open it.

You can access the Listary options by right-clicking on the Listary notification area icon and selecting Options. You can choose various settings inside the Options window like automatically starting with Windows, fuzzy match, fuzzy navigation, choose an alternate file manager etc. You can also set various hotkeys, commands, change the Listary appearance and more.

Quickly Search Files in Windows Explorer Using Listray

If you are not satisfied with the free edition of Listary then they also offer a paid Pro edition. The Pro edition of Listary comes with many more features like using file or folder actions right from the Listary window, projects feature which lets you instantly search for files or folders that are stored within a particular directory no matter wherever you are, fuzzy navigation which can search for files you cannot search normally and many others.

You can download Listary from http://www.listary.com/.

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