Remove Password from Your Account in Windows 8

Although having a password set for your user account keeps your account and related files safe from the eyes of other users, but if you are the only user of your Windows 8 PC then why go through the hassle of entering username and password everytime you power on your computer. You can just remove the user password from your Windows account and it would make Windows login automatically without asking for a user password. You can follow these simple steps to remove the password from your user account :

Note : These steps work only for a local user account. If you have set up a Microsoft account (using MSN, Hotmail login etc.), then you cannot remove the password.

  1. Press the key combination Windows logo key + I to display the Charms bar in the right side of your screen. In the charms bar, click/tap on Change PC Settings which is displayed at the very bottom of the charms bar.

    Change Start Screen Background in Windows 8

  2. In the PC Settings screen that opens up, select Users on the left side. Then click/tap on Change your password button shown under the Sign-in options.

    Remove Password from Your Account in Windows 8

  3. It would ask you to enter your current password before you proceed. In the next screen that is displayed, you have to enter your new password two times and an optional hint for the password. Just do not type anything (leave password and hint fields blank). Click/tap Next to continue.

    Remove Password from Your Account in Windows 8

  4. Finally click/tap on the Finish button to set your password. That’s it you have removed the password from your local user account. From now you, whenever you start your PC, it will not ask you to enter your password to sign-in to Windows.