Manage Everything in Clipboard Using

How many times it happens that you copy something in the clipboard but forgot about it and then copied something else over it? The previous content from clipboard is gone and you can do nothing but cry over the spilled milk. The freeware app solves this problem by automatically saving everything you copy in the clipboard. It can save everything from the clipboard whether it is a picture, file, text or something else.

You can download from the Aiclipboard website. The download is available in form of a portable app available both for the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. Just download it and run it, you do not have to install anything on your system. When it runs for the first time, it asks you for a user name. You can type your name and you are ready to go. Now it would save anything that goes inside your clipboard. You can view the saved items by clicking on its notification area icon.

Manage Everything in Clipboard Using

The saved items are arranged in the chronological order (latest item first). Each item displays the caption, which app copied it to clipboard, the title of the window that copied it, when it was copied and the size of the copied item. You can click on any item to view its preview in the right side panel. From under the Actions menu, you can edit, delete, save to a file or copy an item to the clipboard. You can also add a new text or image item to the database manually.

The utility allows you to search through the items that it has saved from the clipboard. It has many view modes to be chosen from. For example, you can select the Logbook view to see the items in a log book style, the Wizard mode to search for an item using wizard and the Research mode which lists all the items in a tabular format.

In the settings for (which you can access by clicking on the icon on the top-left corner of its window), you can set your name, skin of window, the type of data to be copied from clipboard (e.g., images, texts, videos, HTML etc.), the maximum size limit for the data to be copied, data folders where the settings are kept, the hotkeys, translations and more.

Manage Everything in Clipboard Using

The is the ultimate clipboard manager for Windows which can save you from the trouble of accidental loss of data from the clipboard. It captures all the clipboard items as soon as you copy them to clipboard. You will never lose any of your work from the clipboard if you are using Using this freeware tool can really help boost your productivity specially if your works involves copy/pasting in the middle of typing.

You can download utility from