Take Control of GIF Playback in Chrome with GIF Scrubber

Last week, my little niece came running to me and said that she could not view her picture on school website. I found out that her school website had made a GIF animation image from all the student pictures and the animation speed was so fast that you could not really look at any single picture frame clearly. After some searching around, I found GIF Scrubber, an extension for Google Chrome which can control the playback speed of GIF image files, pause the animation and allows you to extract the separate images from frames as well.

GIF (graphic interchange format) is a special type of image that contains many frames (images) inside it and all those frames are shown one by one, making it look like an animation. GIF scrubber extension for Google Chrome is like a movie player for these animated GIF images. Using it you can play it fast, slow, backwards, or go back and forth.

You can install the GIF scrubber extension in the Chrome browser from its Chrome webstore webpage. After you have installed the GIF scrubber extension in the Chrome web browser, you will not notice anything special. You can just browse the internet like you usually do. Whenever you want to view a GIF animation through the GIF Scrubber, right-click on the GIF image and select GIF Scrubber.

Take Control of GIF Playback in Chrome with GIF Scrubber

This would open a new window where GIF Scrubber would download the GIF file and start playing it in a media player like interface. You can pause the animation and play it forward or backward with speed from 0.5 times to 8 times the normal speed. If you want to see all the frames individually as different images, then you can click on the explode button (the grenade like icon on the top).

Take Control of GIF Playback in Chrome with GIF Scrubber

The GIF Scrubber extension is a great tool for playing back the GIF image animations with a speed of your own. You can play them slow or fast as you like it. It also allows you to extract the image frames and save them as images on your hard disk. It is a very helpful tool when you cannot watch the GIF animation due to quick animation speed or when you want to extract images from a GIF file.

You can download GIF Scrubber extension from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/.

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