Remove Toolbars, Adware and PUP with Junkware Removal Tool

When we download software from the Internet, often it comes bundled with some kind of toolbar or promotional software. These promotional software may carry some toolbars, adware or PUP (potential unwanted program) which is very annoying. If you want to get rid of most common toolbars, adware or PUPs, then you can use the free Junkware Removal Tool. It is a free software that can scan and remove many types of unwanted programs from your PC.

At the time of writing this article, Junkware Removal Tool can detect and remove the following programs :

  1. Ask Toolbar
  2. Babylon
  3. Browser Manager
  4. Claro / iSearch
  5. Conduit
  6. Coupon Printer for Windows
  7. Crossrider
  8. DealPly
  9. Facemoods / Funmoods
  10. iLivid
  11. Iminent
  12. IncrediBar
  13. MyWebSearch
  14. Searchqu
  15. Web Assistant

Junkware Removal Tool is available in form of a standalone portable program. The download is a very small file of less than one megabytes in size. You can just double-click on the downloaded file JRT.exe in order to execute it. The Junk Removal Tool requires administrator level privileges because it has to remove some files that cannot be removed by a standard user. During the scaning, it has to close down all the web browsers and the File Explorer windows, so you better save all your work before trying to run it.

Remove Toolbars, Adware and PUP with Junkware Removal Tool

During the scan it searches through your startup items, loaded modules, running processes, Windows registry, system services, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other places for toolbars, adwares and other annoying applications. If it encounters a malicious file, folder or registry entry, then it would remove it immediately. At the end of the scan, you would be shown a log of all the files, folders and registry entries deleted or modified.

Junk Removal Tool can get rid of many common toolbars and other unwanted software that slip into your system quietly and then make your online life miserable. It can close down related processes and delete their related files easily. It tries to create a backup of Windows registry before scanning your system using the ERUNT tool, but does not mention where the backup is saved. Therefore, it is suggested that you create a system restore point before using the Junkware Removal Tool. If you are having toolbar troubles and your web browsers are loaded with all kinds of unknown extensions, then you should download and use Junk Removal Tool to get rid of these unwanted programs.

You can download Junkware Removal Tool from