EnableDisable for Office : Quickly Toggle Microsoft Office Add-ons

Microsoft Office comes preloaded with various types of useful add-ons. In addition, some of the add-ons are installed by third party software to add more features or functionalities in Microsoft Office. For example, the Box.net cloud storage service provider installs an add-on for Microsoft Office so that you can save, edit and open files in Office directly from the Box.net cloud storage. But loading so many add-ons can make Office to act sluggish at times. To load Office faster, you can disable the add-ons that you do not use so frequently. If you want to quickly toggle on or off these add-ons, then you can make use of the free EnableDisable for Office software.

EnableDisable for Office is a very small program that you can download from the Topalt Software website. It supports working with all versions of Microsoft Office starting from Microsoft Office 2000 to Office 2013. It can enable or disable add-ons for all the components of Office like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access etc. The download of EnableDisable for Office is around one megabytes in size. After it has been installed, you can access it from its Desktop or Start Menu shortcuts.

EnableDisable for Office : Quickly Toggle Microsoft Office Add-ons

The software has very straightforward user interface. There are different tabs for different components of Office, e.g., one tab for Word, another for Outlook and so on. Under each tab it lists the add-ons installed for that Office component. For each add-on it shows how that add-on is being loaded (on startup or on demand), the add-on name and its description.

To disable an add-on, all you have to do is uncheck the checkbox against that add-on. It would disable that add-on and prevent it from being loaded in that Office component. If later you decide to enable that add-on, you can check the checkbox against it and it would be enabled.

Although these add-ons can be enabled or disabled from inside Microsoft Office itself, but the settings are buried deep inside the user interface and you have to open each component separately to disable the add-ons for it. For example, open Word to disable its add-ons, open Outlook to disable the add-ons for it and so on. EnableDisable for Office gives you a very easy and simple user interface to toggle the Microsoft Office Add-ons

You can download EnableDisable for Office from http://www.topalt.com/ .