PhotoToFilm : Create Movie from Your Pictures

If you have taken the pictures of some special occasion like birthday party, wedding anniversary, graduation celebration or some other kind of event, then you can convert them into a movie using the free software called PhotoToFilm. You can use this software to create a video in which all your pictures are displayed one after another and a background music is played.

PhotoToFilm is a very small program that you can download from the KC Software website. The download is less than one megabytes. During the installation, it attemps to download and install third party software which is not required for PhotoToFilm to work. After PhotoToFilm has been installed, you can access it from its Desktop or Start Menu shortcuts.

PhotoToFilm : Create Movie from Your Pictures

Before you run PhotoToFilm, make sure that you have installed video codecs on your system. These are required to encode the output movie. If you have installed software like K-Lite Media Codec Pack, then it would install all kinds of video codecs in your Windows system. You can get download various codec packs from

Using PhotoToFilm is very easy. First thing you should do is to load your pictures. To load a picture, click on the Add Files button and select a JPEG or BMP image file. You can select as many images as you want. You cannot change the order of appearance of the images from the PhotoToFilm window, therefore try selecting the pictures in the order that you want them to be displayed in the output movie.

You can select a soundtrack for the background music of your movie. Selecting the background music is purely optional. You can select only the MP3 files as the soundtrack. You can choose to have the cross-fade effect when the pictures are changed in the movie. You can select a video compression codec from the drop-down list. There is an option to choose your movie resolution too.

Once all the options have been set to your requirements, choose an output file by clicking on the Browse button under the Output section. A file extension of AVI is automatically appended to the filename. Now you can click on the Go ! button to start the movie creation process. After the movie has been created, you would be shown options to play it, burn it to CD/DVD, create a DVD from it or just open the folder containing that movie.

PhotoToFilm : Create Movie from Your Pictures

Although there are some other software that can create movies from photos, but they are very complicated and hard to use. PhotoToFilm on the other hand is very simple and easy-to-use software. All you have to do is add some pictures, select background music and create the movie file. The professional looking effects like cross fading and picture text are added automatically. If you own a digital photo camera, then you can quickly turn your pictures into a movie using PhotoToFilm.

You can download PhotoToFilm from .