Set Email Reminders for Yourself using FollowUpThen

Life would be so much easier if we all have personal secretaries who would remind us about the forthcoming anniversaries, dates, meetings and so on. But since not everyone can afford a personal secretary, we have to get in the habit of reminding ourselves. And what can be much easier for reminding yourself than to set email reminders using FollowUpThen. It is a free online service using which you can set email and SMS reminders for any time in the future.

Before you can use FollowUpThen, you have to register your email address with them. This is done to ensure that you are not a robot. To register, just visit their website and enter your email address in the registration box. You do not have to fill up any other details on their website. Once the email is confirmed, you are ready to set self reminders.

To set reminders, just send an email to [SCHEDULE] Replace [SCHEDULE] with the time after which you want to receieve the reminder. For example, 1day, 2minutes, 3week, 4months etc. A complete list of available schedule formats is available on the FollowUpThen website. The subject and the message for the email should contain your reminder message.

Set Email Reminders for Yourself using FollowUpThen

If you are a handheld device user or you just hate typing, then FollowUpThen has a nice solution for you. Instead of sending the email to [SCHEDULE], you can send the email to [SCHEDULE] The domain name redirects to followupthen. For example, if you want to schedule the reminder for 3 hours later, then you can send the email to This can save you a considerable amount of time in typing specially on smartphones.

After you have sent the reminder email, you would get confirmation message from FollowUpThen informing you that the reminder has been scheduled. After the time duration you had set for the reminder message has passed, the reminder would arrive and you can open it to read your own message. The message has options to further postpone the reminder.

Set Email Reminders for Yourself using FollowUpThen

What if you want to cancel a reminder? You can send an email to and you will receive an email back with list of pending reminders. Under each scheduled pending reminder, you would find two links – one for editing it and other for canceling it. Using the edit link, you can change the scheduled time for the reminder, but you cannot change the reminder message.

Set Email Reminders for Yourself using FollowUpThen

FollowUpThen is a great service to set reminders for important events in your life like your spouse’s birthday, your children’s school events, your monthly health checkups etc. Using it you can send reminders not only to you but to others also. Suppose you have to send email at 11 PM to your boss, but you want to sleep after a hard day of work. Just send an email to with the message you want to send to your boss and go to sleep. Your boss will surely receieve the email message at the correct time while you are fast asleep. And if you choose to get the premium FollowUpThen account, then you can also send the reminders to any phone number by setting the phone number as the subject of the reminder.

In the free FollowUpThen account, you can use only email based reminders. The premium paid account of FollowUpThen allows you to set SMS reminders for your mobile phone as well. The paid account costs about $5 per month and allows you to use multiple email addresses instead of just one.

You can visit the FollowUpThen website at :

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