Hide Applications from Taskbar with NCS WinVisible

Sometimes, we embark into that part of the Internet which we do not want others to know about. We wish to keep our browsing experience secret from everyone else. If you cannot afford the privacy of a closed room and are afraid of someone quietly sneaking up on you, then you can use the free NCS WinVisible software. It can hide all the pre-configured windows from the taskbar with a single press of a button.

NCS WinVisible is developed by Neptune Century software (hence NCS prefixed). You can download it from their website. The download is a very small file of less than half a megabytes in size. After the installation, it automatically runs and shows you a window listing all the open applications at the current time.

Hide Applications from Taskbar with NCS WinVisible

You can select one or more of these open applications and click on the Hide Selected Window button in the toolbar to hide them. The status of the hidden windows would change from Visible to Hidden. Likewise if a window is already hidden, then you can click on the Show Selected Window button to show it again in the taskbar.

But you do not have to depend on clicking on the toolbar buttons in order to show or hide the applications in the taskbar. You can also use hotkeys to hide, show or kill the selected applications. By default the hotkeys for hiding is Shift + Alt + H and for showing is Shift + Alt + S. But you can also configure your own custom hotkeys from the NCS WinVisible options.

Hide Applications from Taskbar with NCS WinVisible

So if you keep looking behind your shoulders to see if anyone is looking at what you are doing on your computer, its time to use NCS WinVisible. It is a little but wonderful software that can quickly hide and show applications from the taskbar. If you are paranoid, then it also has a feature for terminating the applications with a hotkey.

You can download NCS WinVisible from http://www.neptunecentury.com/.

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