How to Convert PowerPoint Presentation into Adobe Flash Movie

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great application for creating presentations. The only problem is that it needs Microsoft PowerPoint to actually display the presentation. If your work place or school does not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, then you can convert your PowerPoint presentation into Adobe Flash movie and show it anywhere you want. The flash movie can be run inside any web browser. The freeware tool PPT to SWF Scout allows you to convert PPT (PowerPoint) files into SWF (Adobe Flash movies).

The PPT to SWF Scout tool is designed by ByteScout. It is available both for the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows. You can download it from the ByteScout site. The download is a setup installer. After the installation, you can run PPT to SWF Scout from its desktop shortcut or from its Start Menu shortcut. For using the PPT to SWF Scout tool, you must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your system.

The program works in a wizard mode, showing you what to do in each step. In the first step you have to select the input PPT file. The name of the output SWF file will be automatically selected but you can adjust it to your needs. There is also option to generate HTML pages for the SWF file – you should select this so that you can easily view the resulting SWF movie in your web browser.

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentation into Adobe Flash Movie

Then it shows you the options to choose either the raster or vector images. The raster images have smaller files size but poor scalability – you should choose it if your presentation has many rich-colored photos. The vector images are larger in file size and offer better scalability – you should choose this if you want better quality SWF.

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentation into Adobe Flash Movie

After this you would be shown options to choose the quality of the JPEG file compression quality. By default the quality is selected at 75% which is optimal, but you can increase it for better results.

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentation into Adobe Flash Movie

As you click Next, it would generate the SWF file. The progress would be shown on your screen. When the SWF file is generated you would be given options to open it, open the folder containing the SWF files or restart the wizard. You can open the SWF file in your browser by dragging it to your web browser window or you can use the HTML pages that PPT to SWF Scout has created.

PPT to SWF Scout is a simple application that can help you convert PPT files to SWF movies. It preserves fonts, headers, raster and vector pictures and provides high-quality conversion. The resulting SWF movies have navigation buttons to go back and forth and also support keyboard shortcuts (Space key to go forward and Back key to go back).

You can download PPT to SWF Scout from .

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