How to Boot Straight to Desktop in Windows 8.1

Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 which comes as an update to the Windows 8. This new version has many new added features that were missing in the Windows 8. For example, Microsoft has finally decided to bring back the Start button in Windows 8.1 after seeing the disappointment of users arising from the missing Start Menu. Another feature enables you to boot straight to the desktop instead of the Modern UI Start screen. Here is how you can configure Windows 8.1 to boot straight to the desktop:

  1. First of all, switch to the Windows desktop by pressing the Windows logo key + D key combination.
  2. Once you are in the desktop mode, right-click on the Taskbar and select Properties from the context-menu.

    How to Boot Straight to Desktop in Windows 8.1

  3. This would open the Taskbar and Navigation Properties window. Switch to the Navigation Tab in this window and check the checkbox labeled Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in as shown in the picture below:

    How to Boot Straight to Desktop in Windows 8.1

  4. Click on the OK button to save the settings.

After this you can logout and then login back to see how it works and you are taken to the Windows desktop instead of the Start screen. This setting is very useful for the people who never or seldom use the new Modern UI apps. Now after Microsoft has implemented this setting in Windows itself, we no longer have to resort to registry hacks and file patches of any kind.

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