Remove Malicious Browser Helper Objects (BHO) with SpyBHORemover

Browser helping objects (BHO) are third party add-ons in Internet Explorer which are supposed to add new features and functions in Internet Explorer web browser. For example, the Adobe PDF Reader adds a BHO that helps you open PDF files right inside the Internet Explorer window without you having to download them to your computer and then open in Adobe Reader. While there are some useful and good BHOs, there are some malicious BHOs too which hijack your web browser to carry out unwanted actions like redirecting to undesired websites, displaying ads, showing pop ups, stealing your personal or financial information etc. You can remove these malicious BHOs with the help of freeware SpyBHORemover tool.

You can download SpyBHORemover from the website of the SecurityXploded. The download is available both as a portable application and as an installer. The download is a small application of about 5 megabytes. Both the portable application and the setup installer are packed inside the same ZIP file. To run the portable application, you can double-click on the SpyBHORemover.exe.

Remove Malicious Browser Helper Objects (BHO) with SpyBHORemover

It will display you all the BHOs installed in your Internet Explorer web browser. You can right-click on a BHO from the list and select to scan the related file using an online service like VirusTotal or ThreatExpert. If you find that the BHO extension is malicious and is linked to a malware, then you can remove it by right-clicking on it and selecting Remove BHO. You can also locate the file in Windows File Explorer, Windows Registry and view its file properties.

The SpyBHORemover is a useful tiny application that can help you detect and remove the malicious BHO extensions from the Internet Explorer browser. It uses heuristics based threat analysis as well as online scanning of the BHO related files in order to detect the malicious ones. You can quickly remove the undesirable or malicious BHOs using this simple tool.

You can download SpyBHORemover from